Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cabo- Cocina Pacifica- Mexico Retreat

Hola mi amigos!
What an epic adventure by the sea! I joined forces with my good friend Ashley to make this Yoga Fitness retreat happen. We couldn't have asked for a better location- private, not busy resort style. Jim and Susan have a large property, 7 bedrooms and a guest house and their role in making this a family style vibe was beyond perfect! Meals were healthy and catered to everyones style. Trips to and from town, good convo, comfortable, and always at your service.

All activities are completely optional of course because the retreats are about YOU! We had an array of fun filled moments for everybody and by the end, we all felt refreshed, relaxed, and inspired :) Truly amazing to see such softness come across the stressed out faces and the light spark in those needing a little inspiration for their daily lives.

We started early, 630-730am for bootcamp style fitness; running stairs to the beach and back, squats, running/walking on the beach, TRX, pushups, you name it and Ash has got your body movin!

730-830am we were stretching out with some yoga and watching whales every morning. I swear they were intrigued by us just as much as we were them! Truly a magical way to start your morning.
Breakfast was fresh and filling without being heavy at 9.

Afternoon activities included swimming with whale sharks (omg freaking amazing!!), lunch in town, art flooding the streets with all the local galleries, massages, laying in the sun, reading, talking, getting to know the locals, boogie boarding, swimming, horseback riding, etc.

In the evening we did another beach walk and then yoga, with the last 15-20 mins of a yin style.
Dinner at 7- homemade deliciousness and something new and tantalizing each time. Oh and lets not forget that vegan cheesecake ;) WOW!

This trip had me walking the beach repeating the mantra of  "Im ready."I would look up into that endless sky at night or across the sea feeling ready to start a new dimension, to really be filled with the positive abundance that I know is in store for me. I could feel the shift and felt so ready to be the vessel that takes on the waves of possibility. I feel so blessed to be in the experience. Each day there and afterwards I feel full of gratitude. I know todays dreams will come true and be the beginning of so much more positive growth and success in life. I know this because this is my life and its the life I choose to create.

Students left inspired to pick up their practice, do a teacher training, get into better shape, treat themselves to fun in the sun more often, take a chance, run, face their fears!! One girl was afraid to swim and she jumped into the middle of the ocean!! Phenomenal!!

Ashley and I feel totally inspired to bring you these experiences and more throughout the months ahead. We are already planning our next retreat! Please let me know if you are ready- ready to dive in, ready to start fresh, ready to just get away, ready to be YOU!
Gecko kisses~

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