Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Oh Avocados. I do SO adore thee!!! The little ones from Mexico that we get here on the mainland are pretty good. In fact they were my first introduction to this sweet little fruit that started my whole love affair. Their creamy texture and sweet subtle scents mystified my senses. When I ate my first Hawaii (softball size!!!) fresh picked from the tree avocado, I knew there was a potential for addiction. Good thing they are So good for you!! I for sure eat them religiously. If I dont have at least 5 a week it's only because I havent been yet to the store...or maybe its because I ate like 2 or 3 one day rather than spreading out the consumption... I cant help it. I LOVE avos! That is one of my fav things about the island, picking form the tree in the backyard, sun kissed and ready to bless my body in every capacity its bursting awesomeness can provide!

So I did some research and Im happy to say: AVOs are a healthy addiction. Guac on :)

Avocados: also known as alligator pears have amazing healthy benefits.

1.     We hear a lot these days, eat more protein! Did you know that avocados have 18 essential amino acids? These help your body form complete proteins plus they have the added benefit of fiber ;)
2.     Avos boost your HDL levels. That’s the good cholesterol which protects against free radicals. This in turn may help in the prevention of diabetes. Avos alone can affect your cholesterol levels in as little as one week. Pretty impressive!                          
3.     Speaking of nutrients, these little guys are loaded:  fiber, potassium, vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, folate, unsaturated fat, selenium, zinc, phytosterols, omega-3s and, size dependent, has only 160kCal in half of the whole.
4.     Carotenoids. Yes, you can get them without the traditional focus of eating only red and orange options! Avos deliver high quality vitamin A, which protects the eyes, improves the  function of your immune system, offers healthy reproductive functioning, and are fat soluble, so eating one helps the absorption of all these amazing nutrients.
5.     Heart health is pertinent no matter what age you may be currently. It’s an important muscle, one greatly influenced by avos omega-3 and oleic acid content
6.     Avocados amazing repertoire of nutrients also have the potential to ward off osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis. This superfood fruit is filled with anti-inflammatory properties.
7.     The monosaturated fat in avos is a great source of fat for burning fuel, aka energy. Avos are best eaten in the afternoon so your brain has the fuel it needs to keep your glucose levels up and running optimally throughout the rest of the day.
8.     One more awesome benefit of avocados: they contain compounds that help inhibit and sometimes even destroy cancer cells!

Avoid overly ripe- it should still have a nipple, be firm but soft when squeezed. Anything too soft will have dents, bruises, and no nipple. The inside should be a bright soft green and make sure you really scrape it because the part closest to the skin has the most nutrients.

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